The project was solved with the support of the Moravian-Silesian Region thanks to Grant program – Supports of business in the Moravian-Silesian Region, 2013.

The identification and registration of vehicles at the entrance and exit into and from the private areas is an integral part of the safety operation. The most common solution is evidence in a paper form, usually in a book at the entry point. More recently, this problem is solved by using ERP systems, where information is being recorded to the database. The main disadvantage of these options is the necessity of hand-writing, while intentional or unintentional errors can occur.

Goal of this project is to modernize the existing system and design of the new solutions for identification and registration of vehicles based on RFID technology. Radio frequency identification technology, due to contactless way of identification of items and objects, provides better and safer solutions, especially in conjunction with a camera system. Double identification can provide higher level of precision and also ensures the reliability of identification in comparison with the camera system alone, where only optical vehicle registration plate recognition is utilized.

Our proposed system involves the use of automatic identification based on both RFID and optical camera system recognition at the entrance / exit to / from the areas. Cars of employees and regular suppliers / customers will be equipped by RFID tags, which will be firmly placed on the vehicle. The proposed system does not remove the need of the security presence of at the gatehouse object, however, reduces the potential error rate, cheating with self-printed plates and also increases the efficiency of processes and prevents downtime.


  • Client: TINT s.r.o.