The project was solved with the support of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the subsidy title no. 1. Grant program supports business in the Moravian-Silesian Region, 2014.

Existing procedures for carrying out laboratory testing of UHF RFID devices rely on relatively high proportion of labor associated with higher risk of error of measurements. The system, which will largely manual operations performed autonomously, reduces the risk of measurement errors and enables to perform the experiments faster, more accurate and repeatable manner. Given the need for clear and distinct interpretation of results by advanced visualization methods the intended system is often inquire by RFID labs. This system provides measurement and processing of the measured results to desired shape. Thanks to this project it will be created and optimized software for UHF RFID reader NEBLA, leading to a higher degree of automation of tests conducted in the laboratory, and their ease statistical processing. The enhanced software allows you to create transparent and clear outcomes and results presented in a comprehensible and understandable form. This system leads to significant time savings and improve all measurements with RFID technology. The proposed solution will give implementers of automatic identification technology and laboratories the tool that it is not currently at the market. Such a tool will save them a lot of time and costs associated with implementation of measurement, including labor costs. The project focuses on both the current problems, but is targeting several years into the future, the use of RFID will become more accentuated in accordance with the indicia of the framework programs of the EU and will therefore require experimental verification of more and more applications of this technology.


Client: Kupson, spol. s r. o.