Objectives of the project are focused on activities in research, development, innovation and education which require transmission, processing and storing large volumes of data. Our aim therefore is to extract maximum synergy from individual systems in the network communication using the ONS (Object Name Service), the Internet of things and EPCIS. In these days of technology boom, a large part of the world around us is managed with the help of automated systems. Striking effect of this trend is particularly evident in logistics and production processes. There should be monitored every valuable component or finished product by the intelligent systems integrated into higher-level units to serve as decision support for the management of the aforementioned systems.

Just imagine for a moment that the Czech producer of cheese applied to his product the RFID chip. Thanks to RFID tag, all the logistical operations associated with this cheese are recorded into information system. First, the data on production, responsible persons, sales data and other information are recorded. Thanks to IoT he may obtain and combine these data for example temperature sensors, which monitor the cheese during its production, ripening, transportation and so one. There may be stored information about composition, origin of the milk, or even the names of the cows whose milk is used for cheese making, in other master data of the cheese loaf. Information about whether and when the cow was vaccinated, or if the cow was fed on grass sprayed with pesticides. Such information may sound overly detailed, but with the growing interest of organic food, will this information sooner or later accentuated.