The project was solved with the support of the Moravian-Silesian Region thanks to Grant program – Supports of business in the Moravian-Silesian Region, 2013.

The project aims to modernize methods of carrying inventory and asset protection through the application of radio frequency identification technology to automatically identify the occurrence of selected objects. Readability of RFID tags is in the order of several to tens of meters. One can therefore easily imagine the application in which the person performing an inventory of visiting the room and stand in the middle and simply winding around its axis, in a few moments retrieves all highlighted objects in the room. This system leads to a significant time saving. Loaded objects with flat compared with a database of objects and check whether all the objects in place. The system will allow adding new items to specific rooms, or convert them and disturb them.

Another solution that we developed thanks to this project, is the system of the reading gates in door frames allowing record of introducing and passing tagged objects within the room. Modification of the solution we also introduce the gatehouse, where in the case of an attempt to bring the marked item will be prevented from theft or unauthorized removal materials and equipment. In contrast, when permitted exports will be similar system to generate the necessary forms to capture export of selected objects.


  • Client: TINT service s.r.o.