The project titled “The world of science” is part of a broad group of activities to popularize science and research that is realized at the Technical University. On the one hand, project activities systematically cover the interaction of pupils in primary and secondary schools with college students, scientists and other people interested in science and research. On the other hand, all activities include cooperation with specific university employees, who through the project could find a popular approach to their research.

Excursions and courses took place in the whole university and also in the ILAB RFID laboratory at the VSB-TUO. There were simple and comprehensible presentations of technologies of automatic identification and interesting ways of their applications. Participants found out the basic essence and functionality of Automatic Identification Technologies and Data Capture. In addition, the participants had an opportunity to meet virtual reality applications, control objects of augmented reality and learn how to create them.


  • Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech Republic
  • Budget source: OP VK, Support area 2.3 – Human resources in research and development